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Our Animals

Red Oak is home to more than 45 animals that give visitors an up-close look at Fox River wildlife, including a 500-gallon turtle and fish setting, as well as new habitats for frogs, snakes, salamanders and more! Meet our animals below and show your support by purchasing essential items to keep them healthy and happy!

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Snakes. With four native types of snakes to visit, you can see some of the diversity that is right here in Illinois! Prairie King, Corn, Milk and Fox snakes are all here to show you what some of the non-venomous residents of Illinois look like. Come say hi to Prince, Milky, Kernal or Foxy today.

Help provide food for our snakes.


Turtles. Both aquatic and terrestrial species call Red Oak home. Threatened species, such as the Spotted turtle, live in our Wildlife room that hosts a 500-gallon tank. Get nose-to-nose with a turtle and see which habitat you’d prefer.

Help provide fresh produce and protein for our turtles.


Spiders and Insects. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and a Chilean Rose Hair tarantula allow you to see the wonderful world of bugs … but not from Illinois! These non-native species are larger and can showcase some of the features that their smaller Illinois cousins hide.

Help provide crickets for our spiders and insects.


Spotted Gar, Invasive Crayfish and Mussels. Freshwater is one of the Earth’s most valued resources and we need it to survive! Come learn about some local river inhabitants and their non-native invader counterparts, like the Rusty or Red Crayfish that threaten the Fox River’s ecosystem.

Help provide food and tank maintenance for the aquarium.